If you are a bookseller who wishes to order a Point Petre Publishing title please proceed as follows:

E-mail us at pointpetrepublishing@gmail.com stating what book(s) you wish to order and in what quantities ...


           Novels:         When Madmen Lead the Blind: Brian L. Flack

           Poetry:          36 ... Poems: Brian L. Flack

                                 South Shore Suite ... POEMS: JC Sulzenko

Include your phone number so that we might contact you to discuss terms for the shipping of and payment for books.


If you are member of the general public who wishes to order a Point Petre Publishing title please proceed as follows:

Mail a note to ...

                                                Point Petre Publishing

                                                1515 County Rd #24

                                                Milford, Ontario

                                                K0K 2P0


State which of our titles you would like to order ...


When Madmen lead the Blind: Brian L. Flack ................ $25.00 (plus $15.00 shipping)

               36 ... Poems: Brian L. Flack  .........................  $18.00 (plus $5.00 shipping)

        South Shore Suite ... POEMS: JC Sulzenko  .........  $18.00 (plus $5.00 shipping)

... and include a cheque to cover the cost of the book(s) & the shipping.


Review Copies

If you are a reviewer who would like a courtesy copy of one of our titles for the purpose of review, please …

  1. E-mail us at pointpetrepublishing@gmail.com with your request.

  2. State the publication and publication’s address for which you are a reviewer.

  3. When the review is written, please e-mail us a copy of your review at the above      e-mail address.

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